Ethanol Alcohol denaturing agent

Denaturing agent is a substance used to make ethanol or alcohol unfit for human consumption.†

The use of denaturing agents is conditioned and controlled by excise policy at national/European level.

There is a large scale of ethanol and alcohol denaturants which are mainly applied in mixtures of minimum 2 or 3 substances, following the proportions strictly defined and approved by national authorities.

You can find description of different denaturing agents in the product area of our website. The choice and combination of denaturants depends on final aplication and related national legislation.

Please contact us to define the best solution for you.†

SENTINALCO follows closely and actively all the existing and emerging legislations/regulations in all Member States of the EU and keeps an active contact with the concerned EU institutions.†

As added value, SENTINALCO offers to its customers consulting services related to denaturing procedures and denaturing agents to be used.