Aversive bittering agent

Aversive bittering agent is an unpleasantly flavored agent added to potentially hazardous products for human and animal health to avoid any accidental ingestion.

The optimal aversive bittering agent requires a good balance between the safety toxic level (= low toxicity for human and animal health) and the taste treshold limit (detection of the bitterness by humans and animals at low level concentration).

Denatonium Benzoate is an optimal solution. The bittering agent is the most bitter substance known in the world, with low toxicity and detectable already at concentrations as low as 50†parts per billion.

Main application areas: detergents, cosmetics, automotive products, phytosanitary products,†paints.


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  • Form:†Denatonium Benzoate can be used in pure form or in solutions depending on your manufacturing process and final application. We advise and process the product form according to your specifications.
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